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Sonic's Small Adventure
Sonic's Small Adventure
It was early in the morning and Tails had called Sonic over to tell him something exiting. He brought Dash with him too, as she wanted to go. When Tails saw them run past his window, he opened the door straight away for them.
"Hiya Sonic! Hiya Rainbow! Glad you came quick when you did!" he said as he shut the door behind them.
"Hey buddy, what was it you wanted to tell me?" Sonic said.
"Well, remember last year when I built that shrink ray? And it shrunk Shadow and Silver and then you ate them?"
"Oh yeah, you told me about that." Rainbow Dash said.
"Yeah…?" Sonic said sheepishly.
"Well remember when they went back to normal by themselves?"
"Yeah, I would have had a MASSIVE stomach ache if they hadn't of gotten out in time!" Sonic moaned, clutching his stomach at the though of it.
"Well I discovered how they did that!" Tails said, jumping up and down.
"How?" Rainbow Dash asked.
"It's a bit complicated, and the name's too long for you to understand, so I'll
:iconsonaze-knight:Sonaze-Knight 2 25
Sonic and Dash 1 :iconsonaze-knight:Sonaze-Knight 14 106 Sonic and Dashie :iconsonaze-knight:Sonaze-Knight 5 39 Sonic and Dash getting wet :iconsonaze-knight:Sonaze-Knight 12 62
SD-A game of pocky
Rainbow Dash trotted towards Sonic who was holding an item that rested in his hands. A slim red box filled with a long thin biscuit sticks covered in chocolate also known as Pocky, a Japanese dessert.
"Hey Sonic want to play a pocky game?" She asks Sonic, Sonic took one of the pocky sticks and sticks it in to his mouth.
"What is a pocky game?" Sonic asked and tilted his head in a confused expression, "You don't know what a Pocky Game is?" Rainbow Dash asked as she looked at Sonic.
Sonic shook his head. Rainbow Dash smirk and told him, "It's when you have a stick of pocky and two pony's are at opposite ends of it, both pony's have to keep eating the pocky until one pony chickens out. The person who doesn't chicken out is the winner." Rainbow explained.
Sonic blush, "I don't like the sound of that…" He grumbled. Sonic walks away but Rainbow Dash hooked her hoof into Sonic's tail and yanked him back to her. Sonic panics and closes his eyes, "Please don't I'm...?"
Sonic was interrupte
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I've been gone for a really long time and I really haven't been the most active deviant. School's been a pain in the butt; a lot of work, exams and projects to do. I have finished all of them and finally have the time to be active again. I don't really know how to express what's on my mind, so I guess that's all I wanted to say.


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Puerto Rico
I'll take storms over sunshine any day,
I'm not afraid of death, infact it makes me feel alive.




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